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My colleagues and I had the pleasure of meeting Saba via a phone meeting a few weeks ago. She was an absolute gem to deal with. Incredibly knowledgeable, empathetic, caring person who gave us sound advice. I highly recommend her! Thank you Saba, We're grateful to have met you!
Sherry Rooney
Senior Sales Manager
Saba is an amazing attorney. She works with you, and is affordable. She also responds within 24 hours and keeps you updated on your case. I’m referring her to all my friends and family. She exceeds my expectations, at any time I need them they are always available to help quickly and a high level of professionalism. Saba will explain everything in detail and made the process a better learning experience. If you need an attorney, Call Saba!
Raini Brar, President
Let's Work Canada Inc.
Saba was great in explaining legal questions that I had. The consultation process was smooth and highly informative. She went above and beyond to review my case as I had to get answers very fast on the same day. Would definitely recommend.
Abbas Haider
I had spoken to a couple of lawyers before contacting Saba Khan and this is how Saba Khan stood out:

- Instead of quoting the law and merely addressing your concerns, she was detailed, and put a genuine effort in explaining what certain things meant and then referenced those concerns with relevant explanations. This made understanding your rights much better than you would have known otherwise.

- She was patient and did not seem annoyed by the amount of questions, as the others did.

Thank you Saba!
Amal Shirazi
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Saba was really responsive to me throughout my communications with her. She was also able to give me a consultation within a day of reaching out to her. I had some questions about a contract, and she explained everything to me in a way that I could understand and with suggestions for what I should do. She was also really pleasant to talk to.
Working with Saba Khan made what could have been stressful, a pleasant experience. Saba delivered even more than I had expected to receive. She took the time to explain things in detail. She communicated with me during every step of the process. Saba submitted the initial letter to my former employer just after she officially started her vacation (to prevent a week’s delay). That is how much she cares about the little guy in his compensation battle with a corporate Golliath. Saba is truly a giant slayer. Thank you so very much, Saba. She worked on my behalf while in the employment of another law firm. If I ever need an employment or human rights lawyer in the future, I will definitely be following Saba to her own firm. Her commitment to helping me to receive reasonable compensation for my years of service was greatly appreciated. I endorse her legal services without hesitation or reservation.
Howard Bailey
I was connected to Saba through a referral and let me say, this was the best referral I have ever received. Saba is extremely knowledgeable in her field and it most definitely shows in the manner she conducts herself. From the very first conversation we had, I knew I was in good and safe hands. Her law practice is exactly what I needed as I was in a very sensitive situation that required her practice, not to mention her swift response times. Her firm really does offer affordable rates, which is another win. I honestly cannot express my gratitude for our paths crossing and would recommend her in a heartbeat! I am grateful to consider her as another blessing that the Lord allowed me to be blessed with! 100/10 service!
Najma A.
Saba was very informative from the beginning explaining the situation in detail and possible courses of action based on her experience. She always made me feel listened to and understood my concerns and needs. She presented me with a couple options for retainer agreement and went through all my questions in detail, giving me a sense of confidence and trustworthiness. I would recommend Saba Khan Law services to anyone.
Miguel F.
EDI Project Manager
Saba handled my case of wrongful dismissal with incredible professionalism, compassion and courtesy. She was flexible where possible and fully transparent with all the options, highlighting what was in my best interest first. I was very impressed with the amount of effort Saba put into her research and analysis of my case. Saba shared all her findings and made it very easy for myself to follow and understand the best course of action. Her attention to detail, understanding of the law and kind approach was exactly what I was hoping for in an otherwise difficult situation. Everything worked out just as she had predicted and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome.
M. Al-Huq
Engineering Manager
We found Saba through a referral. Everything about our engagement with her was stellar: the response time; the timeline for the work getting done (we got a first a draft within a few days); the respectfulness of the communications and the level of experience/skill Saba brings to her work. We 110% would recommend her to others. You're in great hands!
Qurrat Ansari
Founder-Owner, Qurrat A'yun Studios
I consulted with Saba a few months back in regards to an unjust termination and was extremely happy with her level of professionalism and knowledge. She was thorough with her explanations and took the time to ensure that I understood all aspects of the case. She not only provided me with valuable feedback but was also willing to listen and understand the whole story. Saba’s empathetic demeanor made it easy to speak to her. I would highly recommend Saba!
Facilitator, Retirement Home
From the first interaction with Saba, I knew I had selected the right counsel to handle my matter. Saba was professional, yet empathetic and made every interaction easy (and even funny on occasion). Throughout the entire process I felt heard and each and every question and conversation left me feeling confident and informed. Saba truly made an uncomfortable and unfortunate time so much easier and I couldn't be more grateful for the guidance, advice and kindness.
Legal Director
I found Saba to be a true professional and a subject matter expert. She was able to complete the assignment in a really tight turnaround time without compromising the quality of work. I would definitely recommend Saba Khan Law to my family, friends and anyone looking to get uncompromising employment related advice.
I was connected to Saba through a friend who recommended I speak with her. After a bad experience with an employer, I needed some legal advice on how to proceed. Saba was kind, honest, and professional. I felt like she took her time with my case. It’s quite hard to find legal advice that isn’t swayed by the interests of your paralegal or lawyer, but with Saba I felt like she made sure I understood my options so that I could make the best decision for myself moving forward. Would completely recommend.
Operations Coordinator
I am really impressed with the way Saba provided legal advice. She is very intelligent and knowledgeable. I am really grateful for the advice that was provided and would highly recommend her to my friends and family.
Y letter
I have known Saba for over two years. I was pleased to learn she had started her own employment law / human rights law firm because I have always found her to have an entrepreneurial spirit. I recently had the opportunity to work with Saba when one of our current clients required her expertise in a workplace harassment investigation. Saba’s response time was exceptional as was her knowledge of the law. She jumped on the file right away which is what our client needed. Saba is professional, approachable, and she clearly possesses a high level E.Q. Not only would I reach out to Saba again, but I would also highly recommend her for her expertise in employment and human rights law(s).
Effie Tsergas
Founder, TSERGAS Human Capital
I was referred to Saba Khan Law and was very impressed with Saba’s professionalism, while being personable and approachable. She came to the consultation fully prepared, having reviewed the material sent to her. This was not always the case with some of the other lawyers I had previously talked to about my case. She then spent some time explaining the possible outcomes and legal precedents. After the consultation, Saba continued to follow up and suggested some options for me as to how to proceed. While considering legal action is always a big step, I am grateful for the care, insight, and hard work Saba invested in helping navigate my case.
Saba was knowledgeable, professional, and to the point. She came prepared and was able to adjust her communication style to suit my disability. She was highly responsive to my inquires and was able to put complex legal concepts into layman terms. She armed me with knowledge/advice, and therefore I felt more confident/less stressed with my legal situation. Would fully recommend without any hesitation, thank you Saba!
Raymond L
Product Manager
Saba is a great person to work with! She helped me with the incorporation of my business, and was extremely supportive and helpful throughout the process. She took the time to answer all the questions I had, and was very detailed in explaining each step of the procedure. I'd definitely recommend her to anyone in my social circle!
letter W
Wali Shah
Saba Khan is a highly competent and professional lawyer. She knows how to protect the interests of her client and a phenomenal negotiator.
Asad Q.
Director of Finance
I had a great meeting with Saba. She was very attentive and informative to my needs. She provided great insight and education on the matter I was seeking her out for!
Shazia Arif
Small Business Owner
Saba did an excellent job helping me throughout my incorporation process. She is very sharp and her responses are prompt, ensuring that I was able to set up my corporation in a very timely fashion. Thanks Saba, you are a pleasure to be around!
Areeba K.
Saba was great, very thorough, and her explanations of various pieces of legislation and case law as it applies to my case were easy to understand. Our initial consultation was meant to be a few minutes but she graciously extended her time to ensure all questions were answered and all topics of discussion were covered. I'd recommend her for any employment law matters.
letter J
Jason Dong
Marketing Lead
This is very professional law firm. I really appreciate the fact they really care and pay attention to all details. I highly recommend it.
Mashair K.
Medical Radiation Technologist
Saba Khan was not only amazing at dealing with my former employer and assisting me in getting a better offer, she also made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process and eased my anxiety! I highly recommend using her services if you are ever in need. The process was a lot easier with Saba there!
Rohail Tanoli
Audit Manager
Amazing help & great customer service. Talked me through the steps and answered all my questions!
Sean Persaud
I am so grateful that I got connected to Saba. As a layman, your hope always is to get connected to ppl and businesses that are not only really good at what they do but also, honest, genuine and trustworthy so that you can be vulnerable with them and feel a peace of mind that they’ve got your best and sincere interest. I don't know much about cars but I’m fortunate to have a good mechanic, I don’t know much about medicine but I am fortunate to have a good doctor, and I don’t know much about employment law but now I am fortunate to know Saba khan! in fact, I will turn to her first and foremost for any legal related enquiry, advice etc. as I don’t know much about legal affairs and I would be keen to seek her thoughts and recommendations first and foremost.
Letter S
S. Choksy
Corporate Recruiter
Saba is extremely knowledgeable and easy to speak to. She explained the legal processes simply and gave her professional opinion. I was very confident in my decision after our conversation. I would definitely connect with her again when needing legal advice.
LeeAnn Smrekar
Product Marketing Manager
I reached out to Saba for a consultation at a friend's advice, and am so glad I did. Saba was an absolute professional! She came prepared for the call despite knowing only a few details about my case. Saba had done her research, shared relevant examples, patiently explained legal terminology and process, and even reviewed further documentation during our meeting. She really took the time to listen to me; we spoke at length about possible outcomes for my scenario at hand, and I left with a clear understanding of my options, and my next steps. Thank you, Saba!
Marketing Director
Saba is very professional and knowledgeable. She helped me get through a hard time in my life when I was laid off by my employer. She spent an hour thoroughly going through each section within my severance package with me to explain everything.
Senior Product Manager
I was recommended by a friend to consult my legal matters with Saba. Saba was knowledgeable, and professional, she made sure I understood my employee rights and answer all my queries before making the right decision.
letter s
Sehba Wakil
Saba was amazing, very detailed and spent extra time explaining all the paths that could be taken. Great Job!
Kenna Isho
Dental Assistant
I recently had a free consultation with Saba, and I couldn't be more pleased with the level of service I received. From the moment I spoke with Saba, I felt like she had my best interests at heart. She listened carefully to my concerns, provided thoughtful advice, and answered all of my questions. I was impressed with her extensive knowledge of employment law and her ability to explain complex legal concepts in a way that was easy to understand. Throughout the consultation, I felt like she genuinely cared about helping me find the best solution to my issue. I highly recommend Saba to anyone in need of legal advice and representation. Thank you for your excellent service!
Mark Chiang
Business Generalist
Really appreciated the initial consult, Ms. Khan was helpful & supportive, plus candid with her abilities & potential outcomes of the case.
Farrukh Malik
Chief Financial Officer
Reached out to Saba on short notice when my employer mentioned possible termination on unfair grounds. Extremely happy with her timely response. She was able to give me tangible advice that allowed me to have a meaningful conversation with my employer and come to a reasonable outcome!
Letter M 2
Mustafa Khan
I was happy with the consult, and the insights shared by Saba. She answered my questions well, demonstrated flexibility in her approach, and showed good grasp of the matter. Would recommend!
Mueen H.
Saba was extremely helpful during a time where I needed consultation in an urgent manner. She was extremely kind and generous with her knowledge about employment law. She's reliable and filled with information that makes you feel comfortable. She goes over and beyond what is needed and it was just so refreshing being able to talk to her on a professional level.
Sara Rangooni
I have recently consulted with Saba regarding a termination I went through and she was so kind and empathetic. She is also very knowledgeable and thorough while laying out all possible options very clearly to me. I certainly learned some new things during my consultation with her and would recommend her to everyone that has questions regarding their current employment or has experienced a lay-off/termination.
Komal Shaikh
Safety Specialist
Saba was very professional and explained to me all in detail what I needed to know. She is truly a good lawyer and I appreciate the time she spent with me. Thank you
letter K BLACK
Kala Khatau
Business Coordinator
Saba was extremely helpful, and understanding during a free consultation. I’m inspired by her extensive knowledge on law, professionalism and willingness to help! Thanks for your support Saba!
Hira Zulfiqar
I had a great experience working with Saba for a severance package review and consultation. Not only was she extremely thorough but she was very patient throughout the process. I never felt rushed in any of the conversations that we had and ultimately the advice she gave helped me make an informed decision. I would highly recommend working with Saba to anyone!
Hassan Rizvi
Account Executive
Very happy with the advice provided. She fully understood the complexity and explained options in detail.
Amir Rashid
Managing Director, BlueSurge Technologies
Was helped in a work emergency within minutes. 10/10
letter A black
Assistant Media Planner